Edmonton Black Owned Restaurants

Looking to support black owned businesses in Edmonton but not sure where to start? 

Here’s a list of all the black owned restaurants in Edmonton with their most popular menu items and links for delivery. Please let me know if I’m missing a place and I’ll add it to the list ASAP.

  • Paradise Grill Food Truck — I haven’t seen any confirmed locations yet but catering services are available. 
  • A Yah Mi Deh — jerk chicken, jerk pork, and oxtail. Ordered through DoorDash, UberEats, or Skip The Dishes.
  • Zuhur — East African cuisine famous for sabaayad bread and chicken sugar, chicken wrap, and mukhbasa and fish. Order on DoorDash or Skip The Dishes.
  • Koultures Afro-Continental — West African cuisine (Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia). Every dish is known to be spicy and have a lot of heat. I read that their pepper soups are delicious. Order on UberEats.
  • Walia Ethio Eritrean Restaurant — the vegetarian platter is a customer favourite.
  • Bete Africa — relaxing ambience with a full bar and cafe along with a restaurant menu. Order through DoorDash or UberEats.
  • Jamaican Chefmom — located inside the Bountiful Farmers Market offering jerk chicken spring rolls, Jamaican beef patties, Jamaican rum cake, jerk rub (dry), jerk marinade, hot pepper sauce, and coco bread (Jamaican croissant). Catering is also available.
  • The French Creperie — Fresh hand-made crepes that are affordable. I had the opportunity to try this not too long ago. It was incredibly delicious and by far the best crepes I’ve ever had despite waiting 6 hours to consume after being dropped off. Order here.
  • African Safari — I remember having this in my first year university and very much enjoyed my meal. Don’t be shy, try the camel meat. Available on UberEats.
  • Irie Foods — jerk chicken, oxtail, and Jamaican patties. Order on DoorDash.
  • Langano Skies — hearty meat and vegetarian entrees with injera flatbread. Small selection of vegan options available as well. Order through UberEats or DoorDash.
  • Awash — zilzil tibs, key lamb tibs, or veggie combo. UberEats.
  • Banaadiri Xamereey SomaliUberEats.

The rest on the list are African cuisines that are less popular. I’m not 100% sure if they’re black owned since there wasn’t enough resources to go off from. Feel free to let me know if some doesn’t belong here.

  • Gebeta Ethiopian Cuisine
  • Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar
  • Mareeg Cafe & Restaurant 
  • Blue Nile Authentic Ethiopian 
  • Fartun Cultural Cuisine
  • Nyala Restaurant
  • Zembaba 2 Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar
  • Family Injera and Restaurant
  • Friendship Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Walia Ethio Eritrean Restaurant

Thank you AfroBiz for inspiring to write this post. Refer to their site for more information and other black owned businesses in your city. Unfortunately, the Edmonton food page is cluttered with restaurants from Calgary and Winnipeg, hence why I made this list.



3 thoughts on “Edmonton Black Owned Restaurants

  1. Hello..!
    This is a great thing you’re doing. Thank you so much..!

    Gebeta Ethiopian Cuisine is black-owned Ethiopian Restaurant.



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