Jack’s Sandwich Shack

Masterminds of Jack’s Burger Shack opened up their baby sandwich shop located on 15 Perron St., where Ong Hanoi Style Fried Chicken used to be. I tried their chicken way back in my food blogging days and found it quite enjoyable so I knew I had to come back when possible.

Jack’s Sandwich Shack seems to focus more for lunch and residents/workers in the St. Albert area given the limited hours of Monday to Saturday 11 AM to 2:30 PM. These hours may be difficult if you’re not already in the area.

I didn’t get a good photo of the menu, however, you can see the familiarity of Jack’s Burger Shack in terms of menu options and prices. Each sandwich ranges from $9.50 to $12.50. They also have a variety of sides and milkshakes. You have the option of choosing between a baguette or bun for your sandwich.

hanoi chicken $9.50

Fortunately for us, Jack’s Sandwich Shack hasn’t completely deserted its creation of Hanoi-style chicken. It contains three small fried chicken breasts submerged in Vietnamese caramel with pickled veggies, mayo, hot sauce, cilantro, and jalapeno to pull the whole thing together.

I took a couple bites before heading home (on the other side of the sandwich). As much as I wanted to love this sandwich, the sweet caramel and sweet fish sauce was unbearably sweet. The chicken itself could’ve been a lot more crisp and juicy. Couldn’t taste anything else except the Vietnamese caramel. I’d also recommend getting a baguette instead of the bun since all the sauces seeped through both bags.

cheeky philly $12

The cheeky philly is stuffed with braised beef cheeks, salsa verda, white American cheese, beef fat onions, banana peppers, and lettuce. Jack’s Sandwich Shack took their own approach in the traditional Chilly Cheesesteak by using braised beef cheeks instead of ribeye. Sad to say, the beef cheeks were extremely dry, thick, and tough to chew. Beef cheeks are naturally a cheaper cut of meat from the cheek muscle of cows. If it’s cooked correctly, it can be very luxurious and tender.

Everything considered, I feel that Jack’s Sandwich Shack did not fulfill any of my expectations. Maybe this was just me and I hope you’d get a better experience than I did. There seems to be a lot of kinks for them to fix despite being opened for some time now.

Jack’s Sandwich Shack
15 Perron Street, St. Albert

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