Sepps Pizza

Sepps Pizza is opened by the folks behind the former Cafe Leva to specialize in “New York style pizzas with a northern twist.” Offering 14-inch and 18-inch pies that can be either delivered via UberEats or picked up in person. This ghost kitchen is opened in the back doors of Cafe Leva, near the University of Alberta.

The pies are not skimpy nor loaded with toppings. Each slice folds easily while maintaining a crispy charred crust and chewy interior.

Margherita 18″ $29

My first pie in any pizza joint will always have to be the classic margherita. If a place messes up on this, there ain’t going be room for a second chance. Everything about this was perfect and by far the best I’ve margherita I’ve ever had.

93272849_220166242641082_7767744604480208896_n (2)
Double Roni 18″ ($35)

Pepperoni lovers — this one is for you. The dark colouration is due to their own unique pepperoni, not because it’s burnt! The pizza itself holds all the toppings in a slightly thicker crust and is more flavourful than the other pies.

Apulo 18″ ($32)

Mozzarella cheese, soppressata calabrese, fresh sliced hot peppers and Alberta honeyI was sold as soon as I saw honey. While still being a savoury side, it had a hint of sweetness from the honey and heat from the peppers. This paradoxical pizza is a play on flavours and I think this is my favourite one so far.

As you can tell from my numerous visits, this is my top pizza place as of now. I’d recommend Sepps Pizza to anyone who enjoys higher end pizza. The pricing is expensive and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth a try. Personally, I’m not a fan of their online ordering system versus the traditional way of speaking to a human, hence it took me this long to give them a chance.

93376847_1209581179433521_4833659914083631104_n (2)
Sepps Marinara 18″ $27

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