Exciting news, Edmontonians!! Our very first Vietnamese restaurant offering phorrito (pho + burrito) has finally opened. Capturing an inception between Vietnamese and Mexican food, it’s now possible to enjoy both cuisines in one dish.

Miss Saigon opened their doors to customers just 4 days ago, located off Whyte Avenue and with spectacular hours (from 11am to 4am on weekends), I couldn’t help but wonder if this place is legit or just another gimmick. Grab yourself a cup of tea and read along to find out my experience with them.

Phở, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup known for its strong aromatic and hearty broth, is usually made with beef or chicken. My initial skeptical thoughts being, “How could something still taste like pho without the broth? Shouldn’t the broth be the highlight?”

Of course, I had to grab a matcha green tea bubble for the IG — just look at how cute it is! Nonetheless, there’s nothing worth to note in regards to the taste. I would’ve preferred the pearls to be more chewy than soft and mushy, though.

phorrito $12

What surprised me most about the phorrito is that it’s not soggy and did not fall apart. That being said, it lacks authenticity and it doesn’t have any pho flavour, probably because it was missing a key factor being the broth. It was mainly masked with hoisin and Sriracha sauce instead. Not to mention, the steak and brisket were dry and the tortilla was too thick. Imagine eating a thick tortilla sandwich with dry meat, noodles, hoisin, and Sriracha. There wasn’t any other meats besides steak and brisket either. Where’s the rest of the meat? I also tried dipping the phorrito into the soup, but it just made a mess.

pho $10

Also obligational pick — pho. I have an addiction for pho. I can’t go on more than two weeks without my fix. My go-to place for pho (if it’s not readily available at home), will always be King Noodle House or Tau Bay.

Frequent pho lovers know the Phở Đặc Biệt normally comes with steak, brisket, flank, tendon, tripe, and beef balls. Trust me, it’s delicious. Miss Saigon’s special beef noodle soup comes with only steak, brisket, and meat balls. I think this is catered towards Western culture instead of Vietnamese culture. The beef was also very dry and there wasn’t much pho flavour in the broth. If you’ve been to a modernized Vietnamese restaurant versus an authentic one, you would understand where I’m coming from.

The location and hours would be ideal after having a drunken night out, although it wouldn’t be my first choice when I’m craving pho. Prices are quite reasonable. Each dish ranges around $10-$15 per dish, depending on what you get. I truly wanted to enjoy this place and wish for it to be successful; however, the chef needs to step up.

10355 78 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6T3

Miss Saigon

One thought on “YEG’S 1ST: PHORRITO

  1. Soup + borrito = soggy = bad
    Boritto + no soup = tidy borrito = good
    Soup craving = traditional pho
    Pho on the go = phorrito


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