Oui Partake: French-Inspired Cocktail & Food Bar

It feels like I haven’t had a proper sit down meal in so long. I’ve been accustomed to ordering takeout and eating while working or just grabbing a quick bite. Hence, the lack of posts in September. I came across Oui Partake on Instagram after a recommendation, and knew I had to put this restaurant right on top of my list of places to try.

Oui Partake, located 12431 102 Ave, is a French-inspired restaurant that opened about 2 weeks ago. Without a website or any advertisements, it’s already booming with customers.


The interior is small, warm, and cozy. Fitting approximately 3 large booths, a few tables, and the bar.

After my first meal, it’s became my favourite place for cocktails and bites!

casual ardor (front) $14, champs elysees (back) $15

Our server sold me on the casual ardor which contains pisco ABA, Aperol, Giffard passionfruit, lemon, lime, and egg whites to finish. This was a bright and fruity drink – just the way I like my cocktails!

Champs Elysees was a little dry with a smooth finish. Both drinks are meant for sipping and I could see myself drinking these on a regular!

the empyreal $13

I saw this “purple drink” on Instagram and wanted to try it right away. It’s a purple Empress gin with maraschino liqueur, Gifford Creme de Violette, and citric acid. Tart with a hint of sweet.

potato $8

I LOVE POTATOES. I have to get it every time I see it on the menu, and these pommes duchesse certainly did not disappoint. Potatoes with a drizzle of truffle oil, parmesan, and served with chive garlic aioli. They reminded me of macaroons in potato form! Soft and creamy on the inside, lightly crisp on the outside.

croque mon’soubise’ $14

My personal favourite was this sandwich. It’s a classic sandwich that contains Meuwly’s ham, gruyere, and a sweet soubise sauce. I can’t even begin to tell how you addicting that sauce is — I can drink it like soup! You have the option of either dipping the sandwich in the sauce, or enjoying it on its own. I practically dumped my whole sandwich into the sauce…

Soubise is essentially a simple sweet onion sauce made from slow-cooked onions and butter. Simple but rich.

pissaldiere $10

Pissaldiere is a savoury onion tart with olives, anchovies, caramelized onions, and pesto tomatoes. The dough itself resembles a puff pastry which made the whole dish light and fluffy.


Beef tartare served with capers, dijon mustard, shallot, cornichon, and beet barley relish. Mixed at the table. This was great but not spectacular.

coq au vin $12

Braised drumsticks with red wine jus, smoked bacon, wild mushroom. Served with a side of bread to soak all the sauce. Another classic.

seasonal vegetables $6

Not going to lie, we only got this for that soubise sauce but probably wouldn’t order this again. Just something about ordering vegetables in a restaurant (unless it’s mind blowing…)

chiffon cake $6.50

House-made, great for sharing, and a sweet ending to our meal.

It’s always a shame to see cocktail restaurants with amazing drinks but poor food; however, this was not the case here. The food was as delicious as the drinks. I’ll be coming back to try their charcuterie and more meat-focused dishes! It’s the perfect spot for after work drinks with your coworkers, or a cozy date night spot.

Check below for more pics!


complimentary popcorn!
inside of the potatoes!



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