Ramen Misoya

Edmonton’s first Ramen Misoya is finally opened!

As the name suggests, this place emphasizes on the ingredient of miso which are made with soybeans, rice, and salt by fermenting for a certain period of time.

67938132_2234884023289555_2358991000413667328_n.jpgThe menu is split into two types of miso soups: Gold Kome and Silver Shiro. Both are made with soybeans, fermented rice, and soy sauce. The distinction between the two is that the Gold Kome comes from Hokkaido and fermented for 6 to 10 months whereas the Silver Shiro comes from Tokyo and fermented for 3 to 6 months.

Gold miso is supposed to have a rich intense miso flavour with a deeper colour broth. The silver miso is considered to be slightly sweet and milder in flavour. Personally, I think it’s all based on your own tastebuds.

miso tan tan deluxe $19.90

Feeling quite hungry, I opted for this huge bowl of miso tan tan. It’s loaded with curly noodles, 3 pcs of chashu, 4 pcs of nori, and an egg in a silver shiro broth. The portions are huge and definitely recommended if you have a big appetite.

Though tasty, the broth had a light miso flavour and was almost masked by a level of spiciness.

gold kome chashu $16.75

The gold kome comes with two slices of potato wedge because Hokkaido accounts for two thirds of the potatoes grown in Japan, therefore, Ramen Misoya wanted to represent the island with the potato topping.

69163280_383517795676435_8335292814313127936_n.jpgYou have to really love miso to enjoy these bowls. It had a deep miso flavour and the noodles maintained a good chew even after sitting in the broths. I preferred the gold kome over the silver shiro.

The bowls have a good noodle to meat ratio, however, I did find the chashu a little dry.

chicken kara-age w/ miso mayo (full order) $9.50

The chicken is well sized and juicy. It’s not as crispy as your usual chicken kara-age because it’s meant to be able to dip in your soup.

Miso ramen is always a good idea for anyone wanting to switch up from their usual tonkotsu routine. It’s nice to finally have a ramen option that’s opened throughout the whole day.

Disclaimer: my meal at Ramen Misoya was compensated in exchange for Instagram stories. A review was not required and all opinions are my own.

Ramen Misoya

10146 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7

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