Recap: Sunworks Farm & Three Boars Collab Dinner

Ron and Sheila Hamilton of Sunworks Farms and Brayden Kozak of Three Boars recently collaborated for a multi-course dinner last week. Menu included a few bar snacks, beef tartare, grilled chicken thigh, flat iron steak, lemon tart, and shmaltz caramels. Here’s a recap of my experience!

Sunworks Farm prides to be certified organic and BC SPCA humane certified. You can be confident that your protein is humanly raised with no added chemicals, artificial hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and GMO’s, and even celiac safe. It’s a little more on the expensive side but trust me, it’s worth every penny. Meat is one of the few things that I would not cheap out on!

65856288_1067065643503587_8879716409123274752_n.jpgTo start, we were welcomed with cocktails by Hansen Distillery. Seeing how refreshing the cocktail is, we ordered a couple more cocktails on the menu. I opted for a classic French 75. Whether you’re here for the food or here for a drink, Kiril knows his way around the bar.

65907968_866618260385936_7913890800985964544_n.jpgGrilled dates stuffed with moroccan sausage, braised meatball, chicken liver pate, and chicken corndog.

64275126_1762554610514142_1100002009961988096_n.jpgBeef tartare with pickled garlic scape, white anchovy, smoked egg yolk emulsion, and dill and rice. The key to this melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is to use the highest quality pastured meat. A cattle raised without any antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals will allow it to execute its natural tenderness. This beef tartare had a buttery delicate flavour with a nice fresh taste from the dill. I would, however, preferred a classic rye bread to serve with it.

In Sunworks, their cattle are in pastures all year round. This simply means that the animals were allowed to roam freely and may be fed something other than grass. In the summer, they’re fed fresh grass and provided clean water. In the winer, they’re fed with certified organic hay and certified organic alfalfa cubes. No grain products are given.


Next comes a fan favourite: grilled chicken thigh with sage served with risotto and a truffle honey glaze. This dish was an absolute perfection. The skin was undoubtedly crisp with a rich herbal flavour from the sage. Every element complimented one another.


Flat iron steak with thyme butter potato pave, charcoal grilled tomato, and carrot puree. A combination of sweetness from the puree and tomato and savoury from the thyme butter and steak.

For dessert:

lemon tart with vanilla meringue and lemon balm
shmaltz caramels

What a fantastic dinner to conclude! Always great seeing local businesses coming together. These dinners are normally $40/person and definitely worth it if you want to try something new. The only downside I’d mention would be the portion sizes. I was still pretty hungry after everything and had a whole bowl of pho right after. A little food-for-thought but this is (of course) different for everyone.

You can purchase Sunworks Farm products in various farmers market such as the Old Strathcona Market, Southwest Market, and St. Albert Market.

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