K-Days New Foods 2019

Every year, Northlands Edmonton would invite a few people to judge their new foods of the year at K-Days. I was incredibly lucky and thankful to be a part of it this year! I judged alongside Brad Smoliak of KITCHEN by Brad, Jason Roberts, Yukon Jack, and Pam Kirby from 100.3 The Bear. Here is my personal review of each new food item.

K-days will always hold a special place in my heart. I still make a point to go at least once a year and every year seems to be with different people. Boy, it sure feels different as you get older each year. Whether you’re here for the trilling rides, live music and shows, or deep fried goodies, K-days has got you covered.

pizza perogies by International Perogies

Pan fried mini perogies topped with double smoked sausage, caramelized onion, marinara sauce, and shredded cheese. There’s a reason why these won 3rd place. It’s exactly what you expect them to be. Pizza toppings on perogies. Nothing surprising.

dragon’s breath by Dragon’s Breath

2nd place winner: dragon’s breath located inside of the Expo. Ice cream and cereal cooked in liquid nitrogen. It’s a pretty cool concept to have a cold sensation in your mouth. Chew with your mouth open and you’d be blowing out dragon’s breath. Share this with a few friends so you could quickly finish it before the liquid nitrogen runs out! Once the nitrogen is out, so is the cooling effect.

butterbeer soft serve by Summerland Soft Serve

1st place winner: butterbeer soft serve. The power of liquid nitrogen strikes again. It reminded me of 720 Sweets in WEM with the cup! Butterbeer flavor tastes like a regular butterscotch, however, it’s still very creamy and not overly sweet. It’d be a toss up between getting their original pineapple dole whip and this now!

coconut avocado by Drink a Fruit

I thought I’d like this one the best because how can you go wrong, right? Unfortunately, all I could taste is an extremely sweet artificial coconut flavour. I’d recommend using the natural coconut juice in the coconut or even coconut water, mix it with fresh avocados, and use only condensed milk as a sweetener. If avocados are too expensive, you can make a Vietnamese-inspired coconut jelly by using fresh coconut juice/water. As long as it’s natural with no added sugar. Everyone loved this one though so I think it’s another: not my thing but could be yours.

deep fried nutella

If you love Nutella and have a huge sweet tooth, this is your thing. Nutella on a stick that’s been battered and deep fried.

cotton candy taco by CandyTime

A sugar waffle shaped in a taco filled with maple flavour cotton candy, marshmallow drizzle, chocolate crumble, and two pokey sticks. No. Like why even…. no no no.

snickle dog by Big Coco’s

This was actually one of my favourite items if you minus the Snickers bar. Savoury yummy goodness of hot dogs and pickles in a perfectly fried tortilla. It was headed to the right direction… Then BAM, an unwelcoming sugary kick from a Snickers bar completely overpowers everything.

cheesy ramen corndog by Corndog King

It was funny, I was talking to Brad earlier about how I was surprised that there wasn’t any Korean corndogs this year. It’d be the easiest (and best) seller. If anyone is doing it next year, please give me a lil credit for it cause I’m telling ya, it’d be a good one.

I actually didn’t mind this ramen corndog but find the crunchy ramen to be unnecessary. Loved the cheese wrapped around the corndog though. Guys — all you need is a corndog wrapped in mozzarella cheese, batter, panko, and fry it to perfection. Have an option to coat evenly with sugar. Ketchup, mustard, and spicy mayo as available compliments. Maybe some tteokbokki too.

flamin’ cheetos corndog by Chicky’s

Kind of exactly as what it looks and sounds. It’s not as crispy as I’d like it, in fact, it’s a little soggy. Still A for effort.

the king by Artisan Mini Donuts

Hot mini donuts topped with banana pie filling, banana chips, peanut butter glaze, and bacon. Not for me, but could be for you.

beer battered buffalo style cheese curds by Cheese Curds + Mr. Vegetables

Definitely a deep fried goodness. I’ll opt to have the secret buffalo sauce on the side in case it ain’t your thing cause it’s quite a strong flavour.

deep fried chicken skin by Tin Lizzy

Again, not my thing but could but yours. Batter is a little too thick and heavy for my liking. If you did enjoy this though, be sure to check out Bundok, Izakaya Tomo, and Shokunin in Calgary for some bomb chicken skins.

Last one, the Chana by Wiggle Chips. I lost the picture for this one somehow lol. It’s basically crispy taters topped with homemade chana masala sauce, chicken, chickpeas, onions, and garnished with fresh coriander. I actually really liked this one! It’s tasty and exactly what was expected.

That’s a wrap for the new foods of K-days 2019! I’m always a sucker for the good ol’ traditional corndog, mini donuts, caramel apple, and freshly squeezed lemonade. Those are my trusty goodies that I must have every year. What’s yours?? These aren’t the only options at K-days either. There’s always Ribfest and food inside Edmonton’s Expo Centre!

Happy eating, riding, shopping, and entertaining! K-days only happen once a year so enjoy it while you can.

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