Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

After trying just about their full menu, I think it’s time for this blog post! I even had the opportunity to try check out their Ellerslie location back in August 🙂 during that time, I also had a very unfortunate SD card error which resulted in losing all my photos of that night. I came back here a couple Sundays ago for their brunch, and decided it’s time to blog about it now. Better late than never right??

Pampa offers unlimited charcoal-grilled meats and salad bar buffet for a set price, depending on your preference.

AYCE salad bar
famous rump steak

For dinner, Pampa offers 14 different cuts of meat including: rump steak, ribeye, chicken, pork, sausages, lamb, and many more! My personal favourite is the ribeye — so rich and beefy.

crispy pork belly

I also went here couple Sundays ago for their brunch menu which includes a crispy pork belly. My table was amazed at how delicate it was. The brunch menu is pretty similar to their lunch — 7 cuts of meat instead of 6 and a larger salad bar.

bread pudding
Brazilian crepes
french toast

Special brunch items were the dulce de leche french toast, Brazilian crepes, salmon scrambled eggs, and bread pudding.

Only downside being they don’t offer Brazilian cheese bread (aka pão de queijo). You cannot come here and not try these cheese buns. Am I the only one who thought of smuggling them home? Seriously, they’re the most addicting cheese buns in the world.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.23.17 PM.png
various cheeses 

There’s honestly not much to write about this place… I hope the pictures can speak louder than words. I just wanted to make a very quick and short post regarding their brunch option.

Thank you Oscar for the special invite to check out the new location! Quite late but a meme once told me that the best things are always late lol. This place is a great bang-for-your-buck type of buffet since you get to try so many items. I still prefer their lunch over dinners because of the price and similar options.

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