Hawaiian Poke & More

Hawaiian poke is making another wave in Edmonton’s food scene.

We already have poke focused restaurants like Splash Poke, Ono Poke, Hula Poke, and now there’s Hawaiian Poke & More tucked away in Northeast YEG.

You already guessed it by the “& More” part of the name — there will be more than just poke being served! The menu also consists of grilled meats, loco moco, kaula pork, fried katsu, spam musubi, sides, and party tray options. Not going to lie, we struggled with the lengthy menu.

salmon full pound (16 oz) $28.79

POKE: choose between basic spicy, spicy mayo, oyster sauce, fresh ginger, kimchee sauce, wasabi sauce, spicy seaweed, or sweet & spicy.

  • You can have it in either a poke burrito form, by the pound (without rice), or as a poke bowl (8 oz and 2 scoops of rice).
    • We went with a full pound of spicy mayo salmon since we didn’t want to pay an extra $2 for 2 scoops of rice. The spicy mayo had a nice creamy texture and the onions added a good crunch without overpowering the flavours.
  • You’re allowed to sample max 3 flavours of the poke. You can’t mix and match flavours so make sure to take advantage of this before purchasing.

& yes, the fish was very fresh!

single loco moco $7.99

LOCO MOCO: classic Hawaiian dish traditionally made with white rice, hamburger patty, fried egg, and drizzled with gravy.

  • Note: add the macaroni salad in the dish to make it a classic Hawaiian “plate meal.” This was more sweet than savoury.
crunchy spam musubi $3.50

CRUNCHY SPAM MUSUBI: we all had spam musubi before but did you try a crunchy version yet?

We should’ve gotten both the regular and crunchy to compare. The crunchy was too greasy and it relied on the teriyaki sauce for flavour. I’d stick with the regular spam musubi, however, $2.99 is a little overpriced for what it is.

Overall: I wish I got to try more items. Since it was still at a soft opening phase, they don’t have the full menu up and running yet. It’s definitely worth checking out to say the least. The food is delicious. I haven’t gone to Hawaii yet and this makes me want to book a flight there as soon as possible now.

Hawaiian Poke & More

7256 101 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 0J1

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