Tokeo Station

Tokeo Station is the newest addition to Edmonton’s Japanese food scene. Specializing in Japanese snacks and offering a variety of dishes that would cater to everyones tastebuds.

The space itself is gorgeous. A million dollar glass building located just off of Jasper Ave. Inside there is a ping pong table, unique/fun street signs, and bright yellow lighting. The menu itself ranges from salads to donburi to teppan yaki to sushi rolls to grilled fish — you name it, they’d probably will have it!

It resembles more of a casual hangout spot with friends or a hip bar versus your standard restaurant. Let’s start with that to lower our food expectations.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try Tokeo Station by the owner, Johnny, in exchange for a social media post. A full review was not required. All opinions are my own and unbiased.

To summarize: our experience was good and we enjoyed our meal!

Here’s the breakdown:

toke-o chippy ($8)

Sweet potato fries in tempura batter. This was SO GOOD and the perfect bar snack no doubt! Why isn’t every restaurant doing this already?? Why give a giant piece of sweet potato that can’t get enough crispiness, when you can make it into little strips of fries so every piece is just as crispy?

steak bites ($13)

Peppery steak served with sesame sauce. This was my friend’s favourite snack.

The sushi rolls are pretty standard. Choose what you normally like! The crispy spicy salmon roll reminded us of Mikado’s dragon eye.

chop chop rolls ($14)

Chop chop rolls, of course. Definitely not as good as Tomo but still gets the cravings satisfied.


Here’s more to the unique end: grilled salmon head ($12) with ponzu sauce. Although it might be a turn off to some, it is delicious to others. Rich, fatty, full of umami, and a good amount of meat. Remember to eat the delicate eye too (mama said it’d make you see better… I think I’ve been lied to all my life).

I can see myself ordering this and a pint of Sapporo on a regular.

kamikaze bites $12

Salmon, avocado, green onion, and spicy sauce. I would’ve preferred a little less spicy sauce to compliment the dish instead of overpowering it. Nonetheless, the idea is still there.

curry katsu ($18)

If you’re super hungry, they also have bigger bowls too. I personally think that I make a better curry katsu that’s not as good as Nara Chicken’s, yet still pretty spot on so I’d pass on this and try a different bowl next time.

Overall, this “one-stop shop” has pretty sweet wallet-friendly happy hour deals. Everything is pretty similar to what you’re accustomed to already with a cooler vibe, if you know what I mean. Food wise, it can’t be compared to being as good as Shokunin, Guuor some other local favorites, yet this is still a banging hangout spot. Grab a couple of beers and a bottle of sake, play some ping pong, and have a good time. OR come here for a quick lunch cause sushi rolls for lunch is always an easy and tasty option. 

There’s also Kobachi, Dorinku Osaka, and Shojo that recently opened as well for you to try!

Tokeo Station

10009 101A Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 0C3

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