Kobachi Restaurant

Kobachi Restaurant, located in Sherwood Park, is the latest addition to Edmonton’s Japanese food scene. This little gem offers a cleaner alternative to eating out. Kobachi prides in their locally sourced foods along with simple and pure ingredients. No added MSG or chemicals. No colourful sushi rolls drenched in insane amounts of sauce or heavy deep fried foods.

Chef Ron Elmaleh seems to have a long history of restaurant experience. From working at his dad’s restaurant in Japan to various kitchens in LA before settling in Edmonton and venturing his experience in different types of cuisines prior to Kobachi.

Update December 10, 2019: they fixed their sashimi to rice ratio back to normality now. My favorites are by far the hotate butter, ALLL the nigiri (esp sable fish, aburi salmon, and white shrimp), salmon oyako tartare, & a tuna sushi wrapped with cucumber (off menu item)

The nigiri is incredibly fresh. It’s about 80% sashimi and 20% rice.


sable fish $3.50/ea


hotate butter $11

Wild scallops, oyster mushrooms, kale, onions, butter, & soy sauce. Remarkably tender, creamy, and buttery scallops. Sweetened while still being savoury. This was absolutely phenomenal and my favourite cooked dish of the night. Superb.

goma gatsuo $14

You should always check out the daily features and grab a couple things off that menu too. This goma gatsuo is basically a seared tuna topped with sliced onions, micro greens, sesame seeds, and drizzled with sweet soy sauce. All the different textures of soft, crunchy, and smooth came to play.

Cute little homestyle restaurant. Portions are small and similar to an izakaya without the grease. The only downside for me, personally, would be the amount it’d take to get full. Normally, a regular meal that isn’t overly greasy or deep fried would take about half an hour to an hour to fully digest. When it comes to clean food, however, it takes 10 minutes. Literally. I got hungry right when I got to the car. We also didn’t order any bigger dishes which I’d recommend to anyone who has a bigger stomach. Welcome to Lydia’s first world problems.

Kobachi Japanese Cuisine

200 Festival Ln #125, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4Y8