Photolog: Al Centro

Coffee connoisseur Antonio Bilotta has finally opened up his new restaurant, Al Centro, at the heart of downtown core. Over the last three years, Bilotta implemented a kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $100,000 for the restaurant. Al Centro specializes in Romano-style pizzas, salads, pastries, Italian cocktails, and coffee. Order your food at the counter, pay, and find a spot in the upscale cafeteria dining room.


The space itself was open and spacious. From having a simple lunch meeting to a company Christmas party, Al Centro has got you covered. They also offer catering for any special occasions.

pizzas range $5.75 – $7.50. 12 oz latte w/ soy milk $6. 12 oz americano $3.75

I ordered a few pizzas, a croissant, and two cups of coffee. The menu is rotating everyday based on the chef’s decision.

53241761_370335703563335_8510121893343264768_n (1).jpg
sopressata $5.75

You really can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas, however, the one that really stood out for me was sopressata pizza. Well balanced of flavour and texture. Airy yet chewy crust. I’ve pointed out to chef Stefano Pinna that the one of the pizzas were too dense while the other was bland so hopefully it’d be improved over time.

Okay, please don’t hate me but, I’m actually not a fan of Italian espressos. I heard it’s because they use a “robusta” bean while North Americans use Arabica beans. Regardless of which one should taste better, Italian espresso simply tastes like dirt to me.

Check below for the rest of the photos!

chocolate croissant $3.50

Nothing spectacular about this. I’ll try their highly raved custard croissant next time!

53285541_260004154935420_5481816130257420288_n (1)
pizza con patate $5.75
prosciutto $5.75

53072479_1281821568635748_7098831026113216512_n (1)





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