Korean Street Food Photolog: Gangnam

Gangnam is the newest Korean restaurant cooking up some Korean street food. It’s located where all the other Korean places seem to be residing — on 34 Ave. Gangnam is be anticipated to open on January 24 but here’s a quick preview of what’s to be expected.


The interior offers many types of Korean instant noodles and snacks in which you can find at the A-Mart as well. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have a bowl of instant noodles at the moment rather than buying it from the market and having to make it at home.

Disclaimer: I was invited to sample a few dishes during the preview night before the grand opening. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


After binge watching Korean mukbangs, you bet I was SUPER ecstatic when I heard about this new place. Who else loves watching mukbangs?! So satisfying.

The Korean style corn dog was the winner of our table. What makes it different from the regular American corn dog is the breading. Korean style corn dogs are coated with an extra layer of panko which gives it a more crunchy exterior. After frying, it’s then coated evenly with sugar, however, the ones we ate here weren’t sweet or coated with sugar. I hope they could have the traditional sweet flavor in the future!

The most popular condiments are spicy ketchup (or regular ketchup) and honey mustard.


& trust me, the extra dollar for stuffed mozzarella cheese is worth it.


It’s not street food without fried chicken. Deep fried and boneless drizzled with house made honey mustard. I loved how crunchy the chicken was while retaining its moisture. I’ve been told they’re having more flavours so be on a look out for that! Follow their Instagram page for any updates on the menu.

Lydia’s eating tip: dip the corn dog and fried chicken in the yummy ddukbokki sauce!


For dessert, we tried the Korean style pancake with melted sugar and cinnamon filling. It comes out piping hot and chewy. The crispy edges are the best parts! Reminded me of a mochi. Not too sweet either.


Gangnam take on the traditional bibimbap is made with spam, sausage, and stir-fried kimchi. Topped with pan-fried egg, bean sprout, corn, and lettuce. It’s nice how convenient this is but doesn’t beat the taste of bibimbap served in a sizzling hot stone bowl.

50018862_452779775255916_287694012045852672_n (1)

mix mix mix!


Pork belly skewer (left) grilled in Gangnam’s special spicy sauce. I found the sauce to be not that spicy at first until the first bite… then it really gets you! It holds a lingering spice in your mouth afterwards.


Gangnam is more of a takeout style than dine in. Customers would first order at the till then take it out or sit in the restaurant. The restaurant itself is decently big — with 3 large tables and a bar side table to dine at. I was actually hoping for more of a down and dirty type of street restaurant though (too much time spent in China). The place is clean and modernized.

As far as pricing goes, each dish ranges between $4-$10.

I can see myself going here for a quick appetizer before the actual dinner at Miga or Pocha Seoul, dessert at Let Eat Snow, then shop at A-Mart for snacks!

Gangnam Street Food

9261 34 Ave NW #15, Edmonton, AB T6E 5T5

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