Photolog: Amore Pasta

From the parents of Cafe Amore and Black Pearl, is the new baby sister called Amore Pasta. This restaurant was inspired to offer high quality pasta dishes in a matter of minutes. Great for those downtown lunch rushes!

Disclaimer: I was invited to try a few signature dishes in exchange for Instagram posts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The setup is similar to what you would find at Subways or Blaze Pizza. You can either create your own pasta or order off something off their signature menu. Prices range from $8-16 with generous portions.

Here are some quick reviews of each dish we tried!

baked pasticcio $15.20

Baked pasta with bolognese rose, mozzarella, and sausage. My table enjoyed this dish and it resembled a baked mac n cheese in pizza flavour.

baked gorgonzola $16.40

Hands down the best pasta during the event! Gorgonzola cream, mushrooms, and chicken. We can all agree that their baked pasta dishes are their strong suit here.

sicilian pasta $16.40

This was my personal fave next to the baked gorgonzola. It’s made with marsala cream, beef, roasted corn, mushrooms, roasted eggplant, and green onions. Very tasty balance of flavours.

smoked salmon omelette

They also have yummy breakfast options!

amore classic pasta $16.40

Sad to say, the amore classic pasta was the least liked pasta at our table. Made with sambuca rose, mushrooms, green onion, and chicken. The rose was simply way too sweet to be used for a pasta. I believe this was the same sauce that’s used at Cafe Amore for their Monday special pasta. Something citrusy like tomatoes would be recommended to cut the sweetness of the rose.


Only other recommendation for them is to offer other milk options for us lactose intolerants as they currently only have 2% milk in restaurants. I drank this with much regret driving home afterwards but it was the perfect cappuccino.

All in all, I’d for sure come back for the baked pasta and to build my own! As my friend said, this will accommodate anyone with different tastebuds. If you’re deciding between Amore Pasta or Cafe Amore, it depends on what you’re looking for. Amore Pasta is great for takeouts and quick orders with the same quality as Cafe Amore. If you’re looking for more of a sit down type of lunch/dinner, Cafe Amore is your jam!

Amore Pasta

10234 101 Street

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