The Almanac

Good food should be available to everyone. The Almanac is located in the heart of Whyte Ave, offering French-inspired bistro, live music, and your go-to gastropub. The manager hires local musicians and live entertainment to perform here from time to time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to witness this myself yet.

I came here on St. Patrick’s day in hopes of getting green beer and a late lunch/early dinner. Although I didn’t get any green beer, let me tell you, I could not have left here any more satisfied.


The interior is large with multiple booths, tables, and bar seating.

charcuterie and cheese board $19

We started with the reasonablely priced charcuterie and cheese board. You have the option of choosing 4 cuts of either charcuterie or cheese, and add an additional $4 for more. Most of these charcuterie are cured right in the basement!


duck confit sandwich $18

I opted for this gorgeous duck confit sandwich. The duck was shredded similar to a pulled pork sandwich, sitting on top of brie cheese, spiced blueberry compote, and apples. Accompanied with fries. I’m surprised the duck didn’t feel greasy or heavy but rather crispy and retained its moisture. I couldn’t get enough of the spiced blueberry compote, it added the best sweet and refreshing taste to the sandwich. Beware: it gets a little bit messy.


The steak was one of the best steaks I’ve had in restaurants, and that’s saying a lot given I’ve been to The Keg and Ruth Chris both in one month. It was no cheap cut, it was well-marinated in flavour and most tender. It almost gave you that “melt in your mouth” texture — for a steak! Also served with a bed of fries.

I’m just surprised how long it took me try this place. I guess it never amazed me from the exterior, or found any of the pictures enticing (I’m sorry, I judged a place by it’s cover!) The prices are quite reasonable. The food is scrumptious, and the beer ties everything together.

The Almanac

10351 82 Ave

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