Otto Food & Drink

Former co-owner and chef of Culina Mill Creek, Ed Donszelmann, opened Otto on 95 street and 114 Ave just December of 2016. Despite the “unique” location in Norwood, Otto serves up a warm and friendly atmosphere. The decor almost resembled a cabin with its wooden planks, and a garage door that leads outside for diners to enjoy some sun during the summer. This would be a great place for those hot summer nights! Donszelmann also enhances this friendly vibe by making rounds around the restaurant, welcoming old friends, and meeting new people.


Otto’s small menu focuses purely on sausages — the only place I wouldn’t mind a sausage party (lol). These sausages are handcrafted by Fuge Fine Meats. If you never had their charcuterie before, do yourself a favour and make your way down to the local market and grab some ASAP. I’ve had these long before it came into restaurants (I knew them before they were famous haha… okay I’ll stop), so when I heard they were partnered with Otto, I had to give them a try. Handcrafted, local, and made with care. Although I’m normally not a sausage fan myself, these were delicious.


The sausages are served individually with a small side of sauerkraut and pickles on a wooden board.


We tried the otto dog as recommended by our server. It’s a smoked gouda bratwurst cooked with caraway and garlic. Rich and meaty. American andouille contains braised pork and red wine, wasn’t my favourite as it was a little too salty and pungent — needed a carb to cut the richness; beef bratwurst was my favourite of the night since it was light enough but still contained hints of spices. These would taste a lot better in a hotdog bun.

large fries $10
they also have daily specials!
I’m so proud of Steven Furgiuele in the expansion of Fuge Fine Meats. Congrats! If you love beer and sausages, you’d have to give Otto a try. Craft beer and good food, you really can’t go wrong.
Otto Food & Drink
11405 95 St, Edmonton, AB T5G 1L3

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